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Gua Kota Gelanggi

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Location : Gua Kota Gelanggi, Jerantut, Pahang

About 11 caves to explore here, for my 1st time here, i only managed to explore about 80% of the Gua Angin

Direction to Gua Angin
Go go Girls ...pacat

at the place, where the archeologist found the human sculpture..mesolitik?paleolitik?neolitik? i dont which one on the way up to Gua Angin entrance
at the entrance

ha ha sweating huh....but here we had very nice wind blows
Very nice and peacefull wind at the Gua Angin entrance, the wind blow coming from inside the cave...wondering this "given things" by Allah SWT
we are heading to the main dome
see how big the main dome..inside here we can see many stuff look like the elephant, frog, lion, paddy tarrace...and many more...wait for next entry ok

the story teller, murid-murid dok diam diam the myth about Sang Kelembai & about the elf stories...etc etc
me at chainage 24, if u lost inside this cave just follow this chainage to get back. Inside this dome very-very dark...becarefull then
we on the way out, actually have 2 ways to get out from this cave, we choose to use the same way we came before, because the other way quite a tough (as said by bro Burt)...maybe next time i will use that way
relax angain an the entrance, before make a move

on the way out we been to Gua Tongkat

See you girls for next Zoom places
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