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Yes its riding in raining day, that is theme of this jamboree. So all the riders looking forward to play the game.
at starting point, arrived early at the venue so we can get ar the front line.doesnt matter am pro or not, at least when reaching the single trail i can at some stage compare to those at really back at starting point. its almost 1000 riders for today event. this is not my 1st mtb jamboree, but my 1st time to ride in heavy rain. 
at bukit boloq, i cant paddling anymore. honestly when riding up the hill better we do not push our bike, its really tiring. better keep paddling with the lowest gear as we can. but in some circumstances we have to "tolak tolak beramai ramai" hihi
at this time am in top 100 riders, if am not mistaken. but what i can do, reaching to check point 3, i was cramp all the way until the end. what a such experience. now i knew, i need to stanby with spray when riding in the rain. some medicine will helps in future, hopefully.

anyway, Alhamdulillah praise to Allah, i arrived safely at the starting point without any injuries.Aminnn...previous experiences keeping me alert to those possibilities