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Location : MMC - Gamuda JV Site Office @ Bukit Merah

some briefing from project engineer about the package awarded by government to the private company for transportation project, the project amount will be about 24billion if am not mistaken, for comfirmation please check their dedicated website for this project
click for larger pic, for this project they divided into 8 areas, N1 to N8 which is N1 from the north ie Padang Besar and the N8 from Ipoh train station.
our deligation, get ready to do site visit
viaduct in progress, this project will be completed in 2013, but that date without EOT (Extension of Time), for sure there will be and usual

which one lad and lady?
walking on the viaduct based

safety first, this at entrance to the site next to Tasik Merah
then we moved to KM42.75, to see the another viaduct. Viaduct chosed because the land there not really strong for normal railway (same as the old railway)

way heading to North
way heading to south

kiri kanan...kiri kanan.....