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Paddington Train Station

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At the moment i uploading this entry the ABBA song was in the air again after ages i didn't tune on it, such a refreshing my mood to update some pictures taken before. So here i come again after don’t know what to share about though in my collection honestly some decent pictures in there.

Buying something for light breakfast

After passed the immigration officer i bought a ticket to Paddington from Hearthrow Airport (the busiest airport in the world, still its ?).I arrived there early as 7 in the morning, but the train ticket to Swansea fucking expensive 100pounds to get here, so i had to wait the same train but at 9am and the price was 40pounds. I need student rail card soon to get best price i can ,for sure i will back to London to visit friends there or maybe go back to Liverpool if i can.

The ticket counter 

That the only 2 pictures i can share at Paddington right now. Soon i will update about Swansea and Rhosilli ( I will back there for sunset in summer time – hope i can do it).