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What to write and how to start again after almost 2 years am keeping silent of writing in my blog. Am back again because, i wanna share my recent journey to the highest point in Peninsular Malaysia i.e Mount Tahan. You can google for basic information of this mount. Here i will share my journey from Kuala Juram to the peak of Mount Tahan and back by the same route. Basiclly am pleased to share those pictures taken by me along the way. Just not on certain rest points, but i can say along the way to the peak of Mount Tahan. I did that because, i want to appreciate what we have in our own land Malaysia. Also, i wanna help another hikers whois dreaming to be at the top of Mount Tahan with complete pictures. Honestly, its pretty stressful to get sort of the idea how the routes to the top Mount Tahan look likes. So here i am, to help with those pictures taken.

pic: elevation of Mount Tahan. There are 3 possible route to be at the top of Mount Tahan either Merapoh (Kuala Juram), Kuala Tahan or Kuala Koh (Kelantan side).

From my experience, before we gonna challenge ourself to the peak of Mount Tahan, day trip to Mount Irau and Mount Nuang are very helpful to give some idea and endurance to be used for Mount Tahan. Am sort of lucky to have such a friends (Ika & Rosya) for those outdoor activities since am move back in Kuantan. Those activities we did are very helpful. Those activities i did are; Trekking and hiking from Bukit Pelindung to Teluk Chempedak ; Bukit Panorama ; "Pulau" Batu Pelindung ; Rainbow waterfall ; Mount Irau and Mount Nuang. Also to other friends of #GJTA (Geng Jenjalan Tengok Alam) am looking forward to have more outdoor stuffs. Enough with that, lets enjoy with my Journey to the top of Mount Tahan.

March 15, Friday
We made a moved from Kuantan around 11am. Luckily one of buddy managed to get her new hiking shoes. She is the first customer of the day for that shop. This happen because me, ika and rosya thought, we gonna make a move after office hour. So we can buy stuffs in the morning, but we are totally wrong. Last night in my bed, honestly i felt excited but nervous as well. It's because of what i heard from other internet sources, most of them said, Mount Tahan is the most challenging hiking for Mount in Malaysia. Therefore i did mentioned my family and leaved them with those required information if something happen. Bissmillah and tawakal, my mission to see our nature and realized how small of us in front of Allah. In sha Allah.
16:00 : Jalan Kuala Lipis - Gua Musang, somewhere at Maktab Perguruan Sultanah Afzan.

18:00 : Somewehere in the middle to Gua Musang i don't know where (as what of my friends said not far to Merapoh already), our windscreen was hit by little stone and finally "retak seribu" and we had to take it out. Thanks to Yie Halim, you are rock because driving in the rain without windscreen.


18:50 : at Pusat Perhentian Merapoh, stop here and having our dinner here.
21:30 : Repacking our bag with those sharing rations and camping stuffs. To make each of us having same weight on our shoulder for next 4 days. Since we gonna explore Taman Negara, the officer will check in detail those stuffs we gonna bring together. So please count your stuffs such as plastic,cloth, glove, battery, bottle etc.

March 16, Saturday
Early in the morning, i don't really need an alarm to wake me up. Those chirping birds did that,such a lovely song in the morning for Subuh.
09:00 : Repacking our bag again to be check by the officers, bare in mind, those stuffs we bring with us must take it back for checking. If we not bring it back, we will have some issues to be faced.
09:00 : Waiting our pickup. That is our bags. Tho my bag is only 32l, but its comparable to 60l's bag. It's pretty heavy.
10:11 : Arrived at the entrance to Gunung Tahan. Some briefing from our guider, Abang Juki.
left to right : Firdauz, Ika, Ammar, Liana, Azizul, Rosya, Abg Jamli and En. Safwan (Boss).
from left to right : Me, Ammar, Liana, Kak Wati (squat), Azizul, Ika, Boss and Yie Halim.
10:40 : Some pictures at Rentis Gunung Tahan, those with clean cloths and shoes for sure.

So before we step in jungle, where this is the place not belong to us. Its belong to another creatures of Allah. Lets start with Bissmillah then "Salamun ala Sulaiman fill a'lamin" and "Salamun ala Noh fill a'lamin". Am not a ustaz, but that are those i learnt form Tanyalah Ustaz on tv9. As informed by Abg Juki, we will cross river for 7 times. So don't dare to dream to have dry shoes ok..he he.
10:43 : still safe right for our shoes. A cable stay footbridge.
10:51 : 1st cross….basah la weh, x payah nak mimpi ye...
pic : fur of Burung Kuan
pic: SubhanAllah, that what i can say. Still protected for future generation. This views i thought only i can see in books, now its in front of my naked eyes. Thanks Allah.
pic : "akar banir" the most suitable place to hide and waiting for rescuer if we are lost in the jungle
pic : lovely mossy on the log
pic : Pokok Kor, we can use that leaf when its raining as our an umbrella of roof. Its big?
pic : Hiking & big mushrooms on dead tree
pic : Kacip Fatimah satu makcik…..lols
12:30 : 2nd cross, fresh water and i love it. Time to wash my face and cool down the heat on my foots.
pacatttttttt!!!! and girl crazy about it right?
bear foot's steps, the guide said maybe from yesterday
13:15 : 3rd cross, ape yang penting? kerjaaa samaaa!!!!

i wish i can jump in....ahhhhh
13:34 : Boss the last person as a sweeper reached Kuala Luis (306 m above sea level now). We stop at this pit stop and having our lunch. Something easy to cook is prefered since its raining. Maggi mee is the one.

we are lucky because we have tukang urut for ladies, Kak Watie. By the way, it's another stories of successful of ika. Although, once we back in Kuantan, she is warded because her's middle finger on right is broken. Its amazing and mentally positive of her and for sure our team works to encourage her until the top of Mount Tahan. Doctor also surprised how she managed with that situation. All of us don't know her finger broken, all what we think just a normal "terpeleott". Almost 1hour rest and we move again.
Pokok Ara, a parasit tree, pretty big like the died hosting home.
14:56 : 4th cross, and we have some rest, lets loose weight on our shoulder. Our shoes look nice right, its because we keep crossing the river. But bare in mind its badly wed, and our foots surely like raisin lols.
15:36 : Its raining man. So please have rain cover for your bag. For me i don't have rain coat, tho i have it am not gonna wear it because am not feel comfortable while hiking. But make sure those cloth in your bag are dry especially cloths. Tips : cover all your cloths in bin bag. Double bin bags if needed.
water for sure on our paths
16:03 : Have a little break, also time to ensure no pacattt!!!
16:32 : 5th cross, basah lagi….dah namanya hujan….x hujan pun kasut akan tetap basah.
16:44 : Lata Luis. Here we can overnight here, but better we go further up so we will save distance for tomorrow. when we are rest to long, its easily getting colder if its raining. If not, hard to warm up again our engine.
17:15 : 6th cross, it was raining before, so am scared of "kepala air" when we are reach here.
here hows the flow look likes….pretty scary….
What the most important thing is a good teamwork. If we don't have good teamwork, also you hard to adopt yourself with new environment, definitely will be a disaster onwards. So please synchronize as soon as possible.
proceed for further hiking adventures
17:38 : If not raining, this waterfall surely will looks amazing...
18:52 : we been hiking and trekking for nearly 8hours already!!!
18:24 : 7th cross, so this is the last cross for today. That is means we are not far from our 1st camp site.
18:52 : Finally we reached Kem Kor. Though water not so clean in term of the color, i need good bath after more than 8hours of hiking.

So this is final for part 1. See you soon in next chapter. . .