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March 17, Sunday
Same as yesterday i woke up  because i heard of bird’s chirping. It’s such a lovely day with such a nice music in the morning. That music just not of the birds, its together with the sounds of crickets, frog a.k.a jungle’s music (muzik alam). I really love it, such a peace of mind together with fresh air. Full of fresh Oxygen.
As what i learnt from my past experiences in the jungle. I need “toilet” where is my camp site. Normally early in the morning. This to ensure next hiking to next camp site without problems to me and the rest of the group. Kem Kor just next to the river, so its such a good place to have toilet and to have really good bath in the morning. Yesterday the water really like “teh tarik”, but this morning the water really clean. Its such a pleasure to have bath in that river. I don’t really care about “cold” water. I used to without hot water for shower.
08:30 : Kem Kor. We already had our breakfast and time to pack of our stuffs. Together with me with wet singlet and towel. So i just hang it on my bag. I don't want mixed it in my bag, this to ensure no bad odor to the rest of my cloths. Boss not going to follow us, and he will wait us here until we are back for next 2 nights. If me, am not dare to be alone in the jungle.
09:15 : We need to cross the river, ohh no…. well don’t bother about that anymore. Believe me, in here we can’t get dry sock since the 1st step after Rentis Gunung Tahan.
This hill they called it as Bukit Good Moorning, sounds great right. But am not sure how please will be for our morning will be.
we need to wait for a while someone at the back, not sure what the matters going on because we can’s see sweeper.
while waiting am looking something for my lens. Don't know what is this flower
09:56 : Finally guide decided, one of us not fit to follow us. So Abang Juki and Fird tave to accompany Liana back to Kem Kor. That is means boss will accompany her for next two nights. Then we aggreed Abg. Jamli as our temporary leader for next journey until Fird and Abg Juki ( our guide) catch us later. That’s mean will be twice of Bukit Goodmorning.
we are continuing out hiking with out Abg Juki and Fard for temporary. So Yie is the pioneer and Abg Jamli as a sweeper. We are lucky because this their second time. If not we need to wait Abg Juki to guide us. Well not two of them, three of them together with Azizul.
10:13 : At this point i just shouted to Ika and Rosya about “pokok sireh”, so they know what is about. For three of us, that is mean we will hike for pretty steep paths. This term spontaneously used by us for our last trip for Mount Irau, its happen until  at once stage we are going down for quite a long and at one point at the lowest part we found that “pokok sireh”. Started from that we are hiking like a crazy.
10:26 : Permatang, 874m above sea level.
 this the only time ill be enter the frame, because am the one taking those picture….he he
amboi-amboi bergambo dengan muka keletihan dah mcm bermanja pulok ….. Heeyyyyy Ikaaaa !!!!!
started from without Abg Juki, we are only having 15mins rest at each rest point. This to cope with delayed time for the things happen at Bukit Good Morning earlier.
10:47 : after Permatang, the routes pretty much like the Mossy Forest, Mount Irau. That means we are going further up more and more for sure.
i just love the view of mossy
11:52 : hiking surely, when we hiking up the the exact place we have to face again on the way back with different skills needed.
we need to hold on the roots to help us going up. If you have glove please wear it, that will help you. But if you love to get dirty on your hands, certainly you don't need one.
12:23 : Come on ika, a little bit more up, the we will have a rest for a while.
time to have a “kit kat”, at this place i found a lovely flower below. I think kind on orchid.
a pinky flower came out from jungle’s floor.
we are going down a bit
13:00 : Ahh thanks Allah, we met source of water. Its really fresh and cold like out from freezer. A filtered water. Time to refill our bottles.
and going up again
13:15 : Kubang, just about we landed our bag, Abg Juki showed up. What a surprise, what a such speed he is using to catch us after had 2 Good Morning. Unfortunately, Firduaz can’t proceed to the top of Mount Tahan. He had problems with his leg. I think this is his 3rd time been in here. Therefore, 3 of them we will us at Kem Kor, Liana, Firduaz and Boss.
14:00 : So Abg Juki lead us again.
mossy everywhere, lovely right. But place extra careful , please use those steps ad guide did or the person in front of you. If not you will lost your shoes.
14:32 : Heli pad 2, this the place where the person died (about last month i think) and it’s about 3 days had to be waited before rescuer can lift him up. Al-fatihah for that man.
14:33 : Belumut, 1433m above sea level. Did you realized guys, the time and the level at this place? SubhanAllah….all is Allah plans for us.
way down to get some more water, about 50m.
at Belumut we can load up our bottle with “air akar”. The colors look like tea, its taste pretty nice. Mixed with 100plus will be great. If you have asam boi will be taste better. Have an accompany to get water, for me am scare to go alone for water.
Stop here for a while for Part 2, ill be back with next chapter . . .