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Bendang in Malay, paddy field what is mat salleh is calling it. Before this i don't know the existence of bendang in Kuantan.By the way, there are two paddy fields in Kuantan. On at Kg Padang and the other one nearby Pantai Sepat. I've been to both of that. Nice view anyway. For the riding, the one at Kg Padang isthe best because nearby to my residential area. Koman koman pun i managed to do 15km in each session. At least kan.. keep fit and happy with the open gym surrounding us.
bendang as my background, while riding my mtb i can smell of bendang which is nice for me
on the way back its just nice to enjoy sunset with this lovely silhouette
selfie as usual, solo ride right?
15km ride at bendang next to Sg Kuantan
enjoy the open gym.