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am coming home for food and run

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Am coming home soon, really looking forward because we are planning for "bubur asyura". It's still Muharram 1436, still can celebrate new year in Islamic calender. Luckily the Penang Bridge International Marathon still in Muharram. My long long planning was for that event really. For this PBIM 2014 series, the event was held at Sultan Abdul Halim Muazam Shah or known as Penang second bridge. So this is the 1st running event at this bridge.

Back at home, me and my mum get ready for "bunoq sora".Thanks mummy, well i took some pictures how to make it. Maybe in future i can do it myself. But the  taste surely not like my mum.
about 2hour i have had to take care of this buboq. finally its ready..walla
ready to distribute to our neighbors. alhamdulillah... 
Before the running event, lets enjoy the sunset at the RnR Pantai Bersih.

Here some pictures taken at the PBIM 2014. Oh my God, the bridge full with runners. For my 10km, the total participants was about 11 thousand. I really enjoying those moment, running on this bridge. Nice and bright weather for good pictures as well.
i left my car at Queensbay, and took free shuttle the event. for my category, the running was held around 7:30am. I thought i will have a chance to capture sunrise on that bridge, but not. i reached at the event before Subuh, thats means i need place to pray. am not sure if the event provide or not, but i managed to pray at Propel's surau.

Subhanallah, Allah's plan is always the best. I can enjoy the sunset from this angle. Clearly i can see Bukit Mertajam. Really my 1st time to see the sun rise in my hometown from the island.
Thats me for Men's open 10km.Each category, about 30mins gap. Can u imagine, for women open, until to about 30minutes, there still runners at the starting point.Surely bumper to bumper on the bridge. I managed to be at the 1st line, though am not the faster..hihi.. i just don't want to bump to another thousands of mens untill finishing line.
This the best opportunity to take selfies on this bridge, since its prohibited to stop if not an emergency. On that pillar we can see the detail of this bridge. This bridge was named after the current Agong, Sultan Abdul Halim Muazam Shah.Also he is the first Sultan on the throne as Agong for the second time.
Selfie and selfie is the best option, cant smile really. Try ur self if u can at the running distance almost 5km...lols
Can u see that, the crowd of runners on the bridge. 
After made a u turn to face another 6km left for 10km.
Queueing for medal and lucky draw coupon. That lucky draw went to uncle, lucky him. But that was the 2nd attempts, the 1st attempt was 19456..ahhh pretty close to my number really. 

at the start point
free shuttle...
Free shuttle is like a can of sardine with full of sweaty variety of smells on boards..faint!!! The funny thing is that free shuttle didn't stop at Queensbay, but stop at Komtar. OMG we need to take paid bus service to Queensbay then. Once again "baw peluh yang semakin tengit kali ni dalam bas, memang nak pengsan rasanya"

on the way from Komtar to Queensbay... Time to get some good shower and rast.