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Finally…i managed to finish this entry….huhu….that day is closing day, after we spent 4 days 3 nights to ensure this community program successful.


and those winners

CDD_0175 CDD_0179

the best among the best, both of them from SK Permatang To’ Kandu

CDD_0183 CDD_0184

the best junior facilitators

 CDD_0200 CDD_0201

the best teacher and the best crew member….Arep


and the best facilitator…..Kak Ayu..oppp Ayu…she won this awards for another second time.


the vips was breifing by Dr Nabisah about the posters, the vips have to vote the one they like.

DSC_0426  DSC_0428


the winner for the poster competition was the on on the right, the one with many stickers on it. Congratulations for Kak Sya’s group.


P6245497 P6245500

some others talent time and group presentations

P6245502 P6245511 P6245515 P6245532

cYA for another community program . . . . .


  1. Ayu Ikhwani // July 23, 2009 at 4:36 AM  

    Waahhh.. dia dah potong kite!!! Hahah.. alaaa, terlambat la plak nak update pasal closing ceremony nihhh hehe..

    Heppp!! Jgn mengade panggil 'kak Ayu' ek.. asyik kene 'kak Ayu' je kat sini, dah rasa tua! :p