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Jauh tu dari Penang….. ahhh Pantai Timur, x maw x maw….aku nak kerja di area PJ or KL jerrr

Honestly that is what was running in my mind ages ago, if am not mistaken Sept 2007. Kuantan is nothing for those not living in, but Kuantan do have most of everything for big cities in west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Tapi tekak aku still tekak Penang jugak, makan kat Penang is the best. Tapi aku suka jugak makan Pantai Timur dari budu, paeh, nasi kukus, nasi kerabu, singgang dan macam macam jugak aku dah makan. By the way am the person who wish to enjoy local foods. Anywhere am going i will try my best to know what those people like the most (the local foods).

To maintain blog is not an easy task, because for me i have to write something to describe to pictures uploaded. That is the main reason why my blog is died. But is not really died, because when am looking on the tracking stuffs, i find out somebody is reading mostly about Gunung Tahan and Bukit Panorama. Happy to know that, at least am helping someone with photographic info.

At this moment, am still missing to take macro picture. Sadly i cant do it for right now. After my E-510 is stolen (together with by 25L hiking bag with those outdoor stuffs in it). Insha Allah i will get another M.Zuiko macro. Here some pictures in Kuantan, taken by me with my new Olympus Pen (E-PL3). Small and easy to carry. Looking forward to bring together when am go for hiking (mountain)

Bukit Pelingdung, the best place for outdoor activities. About 200+m above sea level, not really high but the outdoor activities you can do in here is awesome. The most important thing for the girls, x dak pacat baQ hang.


Downstream of Sungai Kuantan. To get this view we have to go to Taman Gelora. When it is low tide we are possible to take those pictures below.


That 4 towers far sight in the middle is Masjid Sultan Ahmad Shah or Masjid Negeri Pahang. So looking forward for this coming Ramadhan 1435H



Zenith Hotel, just in front of East Coast Mall. The most famous for right now in Kuantan. Now belong to CapitaMall (a Singapore based company if am not mistaken).

Just go further up a bit (nearby Pahang Royal Golf Club), there is another bay where we are able to see sunset over Kuantan.


There is “kelibat” of guys “memukat ikan” ye ke memukat?. But with the net to catch the fish for sure….. That is specific word in Malay for this activity.



Beside to enjoy sunset at that bay, we can enjoy another sunset view of Kuantan at Tanjung Api, there is the place they park the boats. Clearly from here we can see the bridge over Sg. Kuantan to Tanjung Lumpur. The official name for this bridge definitely i dont know, but local call it Jambatan Tanjung Lumpur.


Here view in the middle of night under Jambatan Tanjung Lumpur.


And nin dia yang ghamai orang dok mai Kuantan, yang depa slalu dok nak p sangat, Teluk Chempedak. But it pretty sad, most people know how to bring those picnic stuffs, but dont know how to dump their rubbish in the bin. Most of them just simply left those rubbish. Thanks to makcik, pakcik cleaner yang tukang sapu, hat off for them. Jangan dok pandang hina kat depa no. Hampa do mai buat cantik hensem, lepas tu buang sampah. GRRRRR




Normally, 90% of the parking space in the weekend is occupied. Sebab hujung minggu, the only small bay yang boleh lepak lepak. Bagi aku, sini la tempat aku buat outdoor, hiking, swimming, mtb cycling, bouldering. Semua kat sini. Sangat awesome. That is one of the reasons why am falling in love with Kuantan.


Picture facing to Hyatt, its used to be another hotel beside Hyatt long time ago. Merlin Hotel if am not mistaken. Its demolished already. I dont know the exact reason of this.


Ingat dekat dengan Kuantan x dak sawah padi. Rupanya ada baQ hanG, one somwhere Pantai Sepat, and another one next to Kampung Padang (Jalan Sg Lembing)



Kuantan do have Zoo, but small one, its Mini Zoo Teruntum. Ok la dari x dak kan. Boleh la nak layan binantang sat. Tapi boya ada baQ hanG.


And the most super duper (mcm Nikky Grace Lim plop)  i like is sunrise at Bukit Panorama. Cant tell it about, just see by your self. The view always different from the previous day. SubhanAllah. Bukit Panorama located in Sg Lembing, if you plan to come here, make it worth. Because from here we able to experience our self with Rainbow Waterfall (the only in Malaysia i think so far), Gua Charas and also back to early day of Tanah Melayu (get to know about mining industry)





Cherating, Balok, Pulau Ular about ouside from Kuantan same with Sg Lembing. Its about 30-45minutes drive from Kuantan.


Pulau Ular (pic above not far from Balok) wait for #GJTA, we will explore you definitely. InshaAllah