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I can say TC is a must visit place if you come to Kuantan, the stretch is not like Cherating. Currently is only one road to get to and out from TC. If am not mistaken, the on going construction next to the parking space look like another route to or out from TC. Thats why over the weekend (Friday , Saturday and Sunday) we need some patient in queue to get to parking area. SabaQ no. Normally i spending my outdoor activities on the weekend at TC. From hiking, climbing, swimming or mountain biking just name it, we are possible to do those stuffs relating to any outdoor. Such a bless to be in Kuantan. Just my hope to those coming for picnic, PLEASE COLLECT BACK THOSE RUBBISH.THANKS !!!


Today am not able to float because the wave pretty strong. To be save me and my mates just waiting for sunset on those rocks whilst enjoy such as nice sea breeze.


Lucky to have my small PEN in my outdoor bag. Light and easy to bring along while doing my outdoor activities.



This is my 1st time to see sun ray while waiting for sunset. Lovely and what i can say Subhanallah.  


Time to say goodbye, until next week. See you again TC