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Wow, this 1st XC MTB International Challenge.At 1st i was in doubt to joint this event because rumors said, if the 1st person take a cross at us then we are disqualified. Hmmm, but in my mind am not really bother about that. TC is my hot spot for weekend mountainbiking activity. Just joint and enjoy the event then. Am not targeting for podium because an not a pro rider. I just do it for sake of my health and fitness really. At the same time making friends.

the best thing is when our moment is captured at the event. if not selfie is enough for me then. 
selfie by the bay at the event. its lovely weather although in the early morning was raining. But that wetness will make the trails more exciting to face.

i really need a rest at quarter lap to go for 2 laps. For my category, we need to complete 4 laps. I think 2 laps is enough for me. Since the pro riders already cross  me for the last laps. Its really good the be part of the participants.

By the way thanks to Cyclomotion's photographer for those pictures. Also thanks to my mtb buddies for sharing those pictures in whatsapp groups. Really appreciate it.

its bottle neck, we are heading for the single trails.

one of the hot spot at TC is to go trough at this huge rock. its really tactical to ensure we are able to get trough successfully. Luckily am managed to do it for both laps.