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A day trip to National Park Pahang. About 1 hour drive from Jerantut town, known as door to national park. 

Sweat am looking for that day was, hiking to Bukit Teresek and canopy walk.

We have to cross that river to start our journey. It will cost RM2 if am not mistaken.
Clearly you can see step up to entrance.This is due to raining season, the water level can be up to that level.
The water level can be up till here during raining season.
Have to cross Mutiara Taman Negara to get at this entrance.Need to register 1st and pay for an entrance fee.

If peak season, espacially school holiday this what we can get. A long queue to get for canopy walk. 
Without wasting time, get the ticket for canopy walk, let them know u will come after Bukit Teresek. Later you don't have to wait for long queue.

Finally reached. It will take about approximately 1 hour to get here. If weather permit, we clearly can see Mount Tahan from here.
Looking for Mount Tahan from here. The cloud very thick. Unfortunately cant see it. As told we have to come early morning to see that view. Next trip perhaps