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After almost about 14 months i knew about the existence of Pulau Ular from one of my colleague in our Geng Jenjalan Tengok Alam (GJTA). Finally after been promoting for almost 3 weeks among other GJTA, finally the date is confirmed with En. Anuar of Kuala Sg. Ular (013-9091508). Initially we are planned to spend whole day, unfortunately time have to be shorten until 1:30pm. This due to high tide and low tide issues. As usual, when i will try to appreciate the sunrise if am possible to do. The journey from Kuantan will take approximately about 35-40minutes.


I made to be on time, unfortunately the cloud so thick. But the view still can make me smile to see those changing colors and events of low tide and high tide at the downstream of Sg. Ular.


This something rare for me, the fisherman have to tow their boat until approach to the beach.




Now we are waiting other GJTA. Hope they can make it on time. Because am insist to be the 1st on that island today he he.