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When i was a lot younger, still in secondary school. I do wish to have such a bicycle, unfortunately, at that time i cant afford me self to have one. I cant ask my parents to buy one for me, since there are another matters to look after. Alhamdulillah, at this age, finally i got one. My intention to have a mountain bike, to keep me fit with outdoor activities such as jogging, hiking and swimming. In Kuantan, the hot spot for those outdoor activities at Bukit Pelindung and Teluk Chempedak. Now i have another outdoor activities to keep me busy.

I can say, the event of Jerangkang Waterfall Fun Ride organized by TXT Cycling Club is successful. The total distance of this MTB activities is almost 33km. Sorry because most of the pic is my selfie. Will do next part showing those other than my selfie. Cheers


at the starting point, nearby Masjid Kg Gelugor, Gambang


total distance for one complete loop. Its just a nice training and outdoor over weekend


had to queue, downhill onwards



lets cross that chaps




finally, pic of me at Jerangkang Waterfall, its worth


P8243296 2


for the 1st time i was falling when downhill at km 12, i managed to finish this fun ride. Happy for that falling down. Alhamdulillah nothing serious happen. Now i know what i have to look after when downhill :-)


Look back at the mountain, there where is am at the waterfall. Phewww, sweating all over. Love it.